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Inspire, Motivate, Empower, Equip, Elevate, Educate, Influence and Impact

Pasion 4 Dreams Inc. is founded by Natalee A. Johnson. first as a sole proprietorship in 2008. Based on Natalee completing College in 2008 and needing a second job to pay for her education, instead of getting that second job, she registered Passion 4 Dreams as a business and offered tutoring service, scholarships, community workshops and seminars. Over the years Passion 4 Dreams has developed and in 2018 Passion 4 Dreams moved from a sole proprietorship to a corporation, Passion 4 Dreams Inc.  Services offered through Passion 4 Dreams Inc. includes some of the following: corporate and community workshops focused on goal setting, mental health & wellness, life-skills, money management and financial literacy, branding, mentoring, annual women’s health retreat, building capacity, community development, tutoring, and vision board sessions. 

Natalee grew up in the inner city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada surrounded by many challenges. At 15 years old, Natalee moved to the Jane and Finch community. As a youth, she was labelled at-risk. She became a teenager mother at the age of nineteen years old and had to overcome many obstacles to achieve her own goals. Determine not to allow labels to define her identity and future, Natalee’s determination and resilience, led her on a journey of faith and purpose. Her experiences, taught her not to give-up, to persevere and by doing so, she began to see positive results in her own life. . Through volunteering within her community and working with both private and not-for-profit organizations she developed transferable skills,  knowledge and continued to be mentored by various community leaders.  Her experiences enabled her to be a community change agent, passionate about empowering others in the community. She used the obstacles she encountered, as stepping stones to overcome many hurdles in her own life.

Passion 4 Dreams Inc. is birthed from Natalee’s lived experiences and passion to equip and educate.  

Natalee has been featured in the Toronto Sun, Toronto Metro, Share Caribbean Newspaper, Highlight in Seneca College Alumni Newspaper and Seneca College YouTube page. She is the author of I Come As I Am: Reflections in Verses and My Magnificent Hair. Natalee continues to mentor young people in the community and use her skills, knowledge, talents to empower others, as she exemplifies leadership within the community. Natalee is a lifelong learner and educator who is passionate about building stronger communities and supporting individual and family needs. 

Passion 4 Dreams Inc. serves individuals, families, children, and youth, as well provides services to organizations. 

Passion 4 Dreams (P4D) Inc. uplifts, empowers, unities, educates, inspires, while building stronger communities. P4D focuses on community, diversity, sustainability, and education.

Leaving a Legacy

“To inspire is to be inspired. To motivate is to be motivated. To encourage is to be encouraged. To influence is to be influenced, to educate is to want to make a difference and impact generations.” – Author: Natalee A. Johnson

Change Starts With Us

P4D believes in building stronger communities. Change starts by planting a seed.

To live for change is to reflect daily on what needs to be altered in ones life. It is  dissect my life under a microscope and ask: Where/What can I improve?  What is my Why? It is to look in the mirror and not turn away from the flaws I see, instead, embrace, self-correct, grow and develop. It is to know challenges will come, and when they do, I must try to overcome these challenges, and sometimes that means asking for help. To live for change, is to be a critical thinker and problem-solver and ask myself the questions: What Legacy will I leave behind? What impact will I have on others? What steps will I take forward? To reflect and live for change is to continuously assess, readdress and accept, there is always opportunities for growth. To live for change, is to make a difference in the life of others and value each individual for who they are.” – © Natalee A. Johnson (2016)

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Dreams are the seeds of change. Nothing ever grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream. – Debby Boone

Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.-Napolean Hill

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