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Photo and Article Credit: Share Caribbean Newspaper, April 11, 2013

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In 2013 Passion 4 Dreams partnered with Seneca College to provide the Passion 4 Dreams Awards.  Each year two students who demonstrate a financial need is selected for the Passion 4 Dreams Awards. To date from 2013 to 2018, Passion 4 Dreams has provided  Scholarships to students attending Seneca College.

The Passion 4 Dreams scholarship, was inspired by Natalee’s own journey of  being a single mother and pursuing post-secondary education. Reminded of the hardship of being a single parent and working towards her goal and finding lack of resources to help single mothers who are in post-secondary education, Natalee created the Passion 4 Dreams scholarship program.

“As a single mother, I pursued post-secondary education. It was not easy, but I knew, higher education was something, I had to pursue. There were, many times, I worked two jobs to pay for my tuition. Although OSAP (student loans)  was an option, I had already taken OSAP from a previous college program. Being mindful of my debts, I decided, I would work and pay for some of tuition. The journey wasn’t easy, because there were nights, I didn’t get to say goodnight to my son, based on coming home late from school or from my second job. There were nights, I didn’t sleep, because I was up late studying. There were moments, I felt like giving up on school, but I knew and believed, that higher education, would open up many doors. I believed with all my heart that one day, my situation would change and when it did, I would give back to other single mothers. The Passion 4 Dreams Scholarship, is one of the ways, I chose to give back to other single mothers and students experiencing financial hardship related to post-secondary education. My experience has motivated me to help my community and never forget where I am coming from.” -Natalee Johnson

Nelson Mandela says “Education is the most powerful weapon, you can use to change the world.”

Passion 4 Dreams Early Childhood Education Award

This award is provided each year to a student attending Seneca College in the Early Childhood Education program.  The award is provided to a student  who is a enrolled in any full-time program within the School of Early Childhood Education.  Eligible students must have demonstrated financial need.  Selection is made by faculty members based on academic achievement, min GPA of 3.0, outstanding leaderships skills, strong work and volunteer ethic.

Passion 4 Dreams College Opportunities Award

This award is provided to a student enrolled in the College Opportunities Program.  Preferences is given to a student who has good academic performance, demonstrated commitment to overcoming obstacles in pursuit of their career/educational goals, good work ethic and attitude.  Eligible students must have demonstrated financial need and completed at least one semester of study.  Selection is made by faculty members.

Testimonies from Passion 4 Dreams Awards

“I will use this award to continue my education as I am now on a journey of obtaining my degree in child development. This award has helped my daughter and I so much.”- 2015 Recipient of Passion 4 Dreams Early Childhood Educator Award

“The Passion 4 Dreams Award laid the academic foundation and an integral resource required to pave my career pathway through College Opportunities in Fall 2014. You’ve made it possible for me to be one step closer to transitioning from stipend recipient with the IRB to a more prominent and productive member of society.” 2014 Recipient of Passion 4 Dreams College Opportunities Award

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